Tuesday, May 20, 2014 - 6 Complete Nursing Residency Program


COVINGTON – St. Tammany Parish Hospital has recognized six registered nurses who recently completed the Nursing Residency Program: Quiana Dorsey, Christine Fields, Denise Hurstall, Amanda Jarrell, Rachel Lukinovich and Alex Schell.

“These nurses represent the cream of the crop among our local nursing programs,” said Kerry Milton, RN, Senior Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer.

The Nursing Residency Program was created in 2011 to offer recently graduated nurses the opportunity to build a solid professional foundation through mentoring in the area of skills development, clinical decision making and teamwork. Since its inception, 33 nurses have completed the program.

“This comprehensive 14-week program helps new nursing professionals develop the skills needed to deliver and maintain our philosophy of providing high quality patient care,” said Linda Sanders, RN, department head of education, development and training.

Potential nursing residents complete an application based on several objectives that correlate and reflect the hospital mission. After a thorough interview with each candidate, nurse managers identify the candidates.

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Clockwise from bottom right: Quiana Dorsey, Christine Fields, Alex Schell, Rachel Lukinovich, Amanda Jarrell and Denise Hurstall recently graduated from St. Tammany Parish Hospital’s Nursing Residency Program.