Neurology and Neurosurgery

Continuing expansion of neurosciences at St. Tammany Parish Hospital includes the addition of Ochsner neurologists, neurosurgeons and the Northshore's largest, highest quality neurosurgery program with dedicated neurosurgery OR and ICU. These exceptional capabilities in neurology and neurosurgery mean extensive craniotomies and complex spine surgeries are available at STPH, the Northshore's only destination with this level of neuro care.

The neurosciences expansion is the result of STPH’s strategic partnership with Ochsner Health System, designed to improve Northshore patient access to medical subspecialists in key areas. This program has grown to include treatment for brain tumors, pituitary tumors, aneurysms and movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease. It also includes innovative spinal operations to treat nerve injuries, neck and back pain, scoliosis and spinal tumors.

The large neuro operating suite at STPH accommodates the complex neurosurgeries being performed. Its capabilities include robotic cameras, brain navigation devices, 3D visualization and high field microscopes. The Neuro-Intensive Care Unit includes nurses trained specifically in intensive and critical care of neurology patients.

Ochsner neurosurgeons Dr. Sebastian Koga and Dr. Seth Hayes lead the neurosurgical team at St. Tammany.

To find a specialist in the neurosciences, visit St. Tammany Quality Network and Ochsner Health System


St. Tammany Parish Hospital is certified as a Primary Stroke Center by the American Heart/American Stroke Association, which means emergency responders bring patients showing symptoms of stroke directly to the hospital if it is the closest emergency facility. Through its partnership with Ochsner, a certified Comprehensive Stroke Center, STPH has immediate, around-the-clock access to specialized medical expertise and technology to treat the most complex stroke cases. Via telemedicine with Ochsner vascular neurologists, patients that enter the STPH emergency department with signs of a stroke can be seen immediately and receive tPA if it is indicated.

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