Tuesday, June 04, 2019 - June is Men's Health Month
June is Men’s Health Month and the purpose is to heighten the awareness of preventable medical problems and encourage early detection and treatment among men. Chronic medical diseases like diabetes,obesity, hypertension, heart disease and high cholesterol are some of the common problems causing men to die prematurely while in the prime of their life. Men can combat these diseases and protect their dad bods by following these three simple tips: 
Choose a primary care provider. Choose someone you’re comfortable with, so you can openly discuss all aspects of your health.

Actually go see the provider your chose. Just because you are feeling well doesn’t mean you are well. Annual well visits are essential to early detection of disease and management of health conditions that could worsen if you're not aware of them and monitoring your numbers.

Get informed. You do want to be knowledgeable and understand that you shouldn’t ignore symptoms or complaints, but you don’t want to self-diagnose. Also know what screenings you need and at what age you need them:
  • Blood Pressure Screenings should be checked once a year. If the top number is greater than 140 or the bottom number is greater than 90, schedule an appointment with that primary care provider you chose  in step one.
  • Cholesterol Screening and Heart Disease Prevention should be checked every 5 years.
  • Prostate Screenings should start at age 45.

  • Cancer experts are lowing the age for your first colon screening, from 50 to 45 years of age, because colon cancer is rising in younger people.
Take care of your dad bod this Father’s Day,and make sure it’s in tip top shape. Visit your primary care provider for regular checkups and screenings.Taking Care of Your Dad Bod

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