• 02.27   CHOP - Cooking Healthy Options and Portions (ages 12 to 16)
    Teens who participate will learn valuable cooking skills, knife skills and safety, food safety, proper measuring and calculations, meal planning, boiling, simmering, sautéing and baking. Plus useful nutritional information.
  • 02.29   Using Lamaze Techniques
    All aspects of the birthing process and methods are discussed.
  • 03.04   Art of Breastfeeding
    The benefits of breastfeeding your infant will be discussed, as well as common concerns of the early breastfeeding period.
  • 03.06   Breastfeeding with the La Leche League
    Are you breastfeeding your baby? Are you pregnant and thinking about breastfeeding?
    Join us for this wonderful session.
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