Friday, October 16, 2020 - St. Tammany Pediatrics prepares for big move to Covington

St. Tammany Health System signage marks the spot of the health system’s new pediatrics clinic, located at 71338 on Louisiana 21, just one mile south of the hospital campus in Covington. The clinic is on schedule to move from Madisonville to the new, larger building this month. (Photo by Tim San Fillippo / STHS)

By Mike Scott,

St. Tammany Health System’s pediatrics clinic is on the move.

After operating, and growing, for the past three years out of the health system’s Madisonville clinic, St. Tammany Pediatrics is planning to relocate in late October to a newly acquired property at 71338 Louisiana 21, just one mile south of the main hospital campus in Covington.

In addition to being more centrally located, the new, bigger building will allow the practice to expand to become a one-stop pediatrics shop, according to Dr. Robert Fauchaux, chairman of the STHS Pediatrics Department.

“It’s going to be able to house more services in the sense of, potentially, things like physical therapy, speech therapy,” Dr. Fauchaux said. “We’re going to have in-house lab capabilities, which we’ve not really had before to a significant degree.”

Another key benefit is the new location’s proximity to St. Tammany Health System’s main hospital campus in Covington.

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“We’re a stone’s throw from the hospital, which is also a good thing for us, because we’re going to be closer to the intensive care units, the pediatrics ICU, the neonatology ICU,” Fauchaux said. “So, we’re going to be able to be closer to those and have a bigger office, and, because were roomier now, have more services in-house.”

All of the pediatrics specialists associated with the practice – Dr. Fauchaux, Dr. Linda Keefer, Dr. Jennifer Miles and Dr. Margie Strong, as well as nurse practitioner Perry Russell – will be making the move.

All combined, Fauchaux said the move means patients will be able to get the world-class healthcare they’ve come to expect from St. Tammany Health System even more conveniently.

Meanwhile, Dr. Catherine Pechon has joined St. Tammany Health System to operate a full-service family medicine practice out of the Madisonville clinic being vacated by the pediatrics practice. Pechon is currently operating out of the space and is accepting new patients.

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