Wednesday, July 30, 2014 - Make Back to School a Healthy Transition


With the start of a new school year just a few weeks away, the American Heart Association recommends the following tips to ensure your children are on a healthy pathway:
  • Pack their lunch. The only way to ensure that your kids are getting all of the necessary vitamins and minerals in their diet is send them with a mom-approved lunch! When packing, make sure to include all colors of the rainbow to get the best vitamin variety.
  • Send a snack. If your kids jump from one activity to the next, send them with a healthy snack to enjoy before practice.  This will drive them away from the unhealthy vending machines in most schools and keep them satisfied until dinner!
  • Teach them early. Before your kids start making their own eating habits, teach them all about healthy eating. Make sure you are positive, realistic and following your own advice!
  • Find out how they exercise. Most kids have a favorite activity or sport, and knowing your child’s could make getting them to exercise much easier!
  • Eat as a family. During the school year, busier schedules make it harder to eat dinner as a family. Whenever possible, have dinner together at home to make sure your kids eat right- and enjoy the family time!
  • Eat smart at restaurants. If your family schedule gets too busy and eating out is the only option, learn how to eat smart as a family. Try splitting entrées, stick with drinking water, be cautious of too much salad dressing and avoid buffets!

For more information, tips and recipes on healthier family eating, please click here.