Pregnancy, Labor and Delivery

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The St. Tammany Health System New Family Center delivers on the promise of world-class healthcare close to home. Our birthing suites set us apart from other facilities in that they offer a comfortable, homelike setting where you and your family can stay from birth until they you ready to leave the hospital.  

Our caring team will set your mind at ease with the most advanced training and level of experience. From pregnancy to delivery and into recovery, the New Family Center is happy to be a part of one of the most important events in your life.



St Tammany Health System can be your “go-to” spot for all your pregnancy needs. We are here to help with a variety of classes to discuss important information for the wel

l-being of you and your baby such as prenatal care, nutrition, common discomforts and warning signs and symptoms. Remember, it is never too early to prepare for your pregnancy, childbirth and newborn needs, and we encourage you to take advantage of our childbirth and parent education offerings.

If you think you are in labor or are experiencing problems during your pregnancy, you will be assessed in our evaluation area by a registered nurse who remains in contact with your doctor to effectively manage your care. With the appropriate care, lifestyle changes and treatment, many complications can be prevented and/or treated.

Whether you’re expecting or a proud new parent, now is an exciting time, filled with hope, anticipation and questions!

We’re here to help, and our First Steps e-newsletter is an invaluable resource covering the weekly changes you’ll experience from conception to two years old. The free e-newsletter offers helpful tips and resources, answers to FAQs and information tailored to your specific stage of pregnancy and/or your child’s age. Sign up today by clicking here to start preparing to take your First Steps with your baby! 



While the health of the mother and baby is always of utmost importance, every woman has the right to play an active role in how she gives birth. We encourage you to talk with your doctor about your birth options. We offer childbirth and parent education classes to better prepare you for this life event, so whether you decide to use pain-relief options during labor or are interested in natural birth, our classes, which can be found by clicking here, are recommended for all. 

Please pre-register at any time during your pregnancy with our Admitting department from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday to ensure a smooth check-in on your delivery date. Admitting can be reached at (985) 898-4401. Once you have pre-registered, you can check-in at the New Family Center by way of the front lobby main entrance.

If you are in labor or are scheduled for a medically necessary induction or C-section, a nurse will take you to your private room. At that time, we will ask you to dress in a hospital gown and place monitors on your belly to listen to the baby’s heartbeat and assess your contractions. We will ask about your medical history, explain procedures and fill out consent forms. 

While in labor, your nurse will check on you frequently and keep your doctor informed of your labor progress. We offer many ways to remain as comfortable as possible in labor, from natural methods to medications such as epidural anesthesia. Please discuss your pain management plan and expectations for your labor and birth experience.

If your labor does not progress as it should and your doctor determines you need a C-section you will be taken to one of our C-section operating rooms located in the New Family Center. Your designated support person will be allowed to stay with you during the procedure. After recovery, you will be taken back to your private room.



Research shows that babies born at 37 weeks have a higher risk of complications, such as difficulty breathing, than those born at 39 weeks or later. Because of the higher risk of complications, St. Tammany Health System works with physicians to ensure elective deliveries, including inductions or C-sections scheduled without a medical reason, not happen before 39 weeks. Read the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists’ FAQs and Definitions about labor induction and elective delivery before 39 weeks.



We understand family and friends are excited about the birth of your baby and we encourage you to select one support person to provide comfort and care during your labor and birth experience.

However, we encourage all other visitors to wait in the New Family Center waiting area. Once the baby is born, visitors can visit your room and spend time with you and your new bundle of joy.

The New Family Center is a locked unit for the security of our mothers and babies. All visitors must sign in at the New Family Center front desk to obtain access to the locked unit.