Ochsner Partnership

When STPH and Ochsner announced a partnership in 2014, leaders of both organizations promised patients, employees, physicians and the community high quality and safety, growing services in west St. Tammany, collaborating to build on collective strengths and adding expertise where gaps existed. You can read about the launch of the partnership and review the progress of the initial year. Additionally, successive years since have proven that collaboration for our community has been the best way forward in today's healthcare environment.

When others reduced services and staff, STPH and Ochsner increased services, staff and quality.

An initial promise was to increase patient access to subspecialty care. As service district population continues to grow, so does STPH. The physical plant was expanded, and the services available are at a higher level of care through the Ochsner partnership. New for 2016 subspecialties include three of the hardest to recruit: pediatrics, neurology and neurosurgery.

The difficulty in building a neurosciences institute as a stand-alone community hospital maybe one of the best examples of collaborative success with Ochsner. Ochsner brought two neurosurgeons and five neurologists into the service district. The number of neurosurgeries performed here grew from 228 in 2014 to 355 in 2016. Significant groundwork was laid in 2016 for the 2017 opening of a four-bed Neuro-ICU.

STPH recruited a pediatric orthopedist to its Bone & Joint Clinic, which coupled with the array of pediatric subspecialists available through partnership in the Pediatric Subspecialty Clinic delivers the broadest spectrum of pediatric subspecialty care in the parish. Together, these specialists saw a record 1,500 children in 2016, double the inaugural patient load from 2014.

Together the partners expanded infusion services at St. Tammany Cancer Center in 2016. In collaboration with radiation partner Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center, th

e partners deliver a comprehensive cancer center utilizing a multidisciplinary approach, increased access to clinical care in the largest and highest quality patient care space dedicated to cancer.

STPH and Ochsner reduced costs, improved technology and served more patients in 2016, including 690 patients transferred to STPH through the OHS referral system, and 3,000 patients accessing their how health information through MyChart, a component of Epic, purchased through Ochsner at a significant savings.

Together in 2016, STPH and Ochsner continued to keep care local, affordable and close to home.