Nutritional Counseling

Weight Loss Counseling

Our registered dietitian can teach you how to make healthy choices to help you lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle.

Ideal Protein

The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method is a medically designed protocol that promotes weight loss while sparing muscle mass.  It is a four-phase method that focuses on weight loss, followed by a smarter eating education to support lifestyle changes.  You will meet one-on-one with a trained coach to choose your food, learn more about your body, and learn how to make better choices for a successful lifestyle change. 

 Celiac Nutritional Counseling

Being diagnosed with Celiac Disease can be overwhelming.  Our registered dietitian can help review foods that contain gluten, as well as options a patient has when trying to live gluten free. She can also review how to read food labels to ensure products don't have any “hidden” ingredients.  

Other Nutritional Counseling

If you are instructed by a physician to eat a specific diet, such as low salt, high protein or others, our registered dietitian can explain work with you to follow your physician's instructions. She can teach you what foods you can or cannot eat, as well as how to read food labels, to ensure that you understand and are able to maintain your physician's recommendations. 

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