Nurse Residency Program


To provide support for new graduate nurses by offering the opportunity to build a solid professional foundation through mentoring in the areas of skills development, clinical decision making and teamwork.


To provide the new RN graduates the necessary tools and qualities needed to administer excellence in direct patient care through nurturing, coaching, and collaboration.

St. Tammany Health System's RN Residency Program is a comprehensive 14-20 week “bridging the gap” program designed to assist new nursing professionals develop the skills required to deliver and maintain high-quality patient care.

The program will provide an introduction to the nursing philosophy, professional practice model and policies and procedures at Health System through an integrated class and clinical training setting while working with dedicated preceptors. 

It is the hospital's belief that new nurses come from a variety of experiences, skills, education and backgrounds. Resident RNs are adult learners and therefore are active participants in their learning and partners in the process. It is the expectation that the resident RN will be accountable to identify learning needs and seek out guidance to meet those needs.  

Program goals include:

  1. Facilitate the transition of new RN Residents to the role of a professional nurse.

  2. Enhance clinical judgment and clinical competence of the new RN Resident.

  3. Establish a solid professional foundation through mentoring and support in the areas of skill development, clinical decision-making, and teamwork. 

  4. Retain and reduce turnover of new nurses

  5. Enhance understanding of the role of evidence-based practice in improving patient outcomes

Current program goal outcomes

  • 100% of our 2019 nurse residents have achieved additional certifications within 18 months of hire

  • 72% of our 2019 nurse resident completed additional professional development classes  

  • After 3 months of employment 80% or more of our residents report feeling satisfied and fulfilled at the end of the day

  • After 2 years at St. Tammany Health Systems we have a greater than 80% retention rate of our nurse residents



The next RN Residency Program will begin September 14, 2020. The recruitment process has begun and we are accepting applications for the September 2020 Residency Class! 

Any registered nurse with less than six months experience in an acute care facility is eligible to apply. Applicants also must have graduated from an approved RN program, completed the NCLEX-RN exam and possess a current RN license from the State of Louisiana before the start of the program.

Candidates must provide the following documents:

  • Employment application

  • Resume, including education history, employment history, special skills/credentials

  • Recommendation letter from a clinical nursing  instructor (required during interview process)

Candidates will be interviewed by the Hiring Manager of the specific area and offers will be extended prior to graduation. RN Residents hired for this program will be full-time with benefits.  

For more information on the recruitment process, contact Jenn Randazzo, Senior Talent Sourcing Specialist, at 985-898-4540 or