Honor Red, White and Blue

St. Tammany Health System created the Honor Red White and Blue program in 2013 to recognize U.S. veterans who are patients, volunteers, employees or physicians. The program also honors recently deceased veterans with a special tribute.

The following guidelines ensure veterans – living or deceased – receive the respect and recognition they deserve in return for their service.


  • At registration, patients are asked if they are a veteran.
  • If they are, they are asked if it's OK for the hospital to recognize them during their stay and thanked for their service.
  • They are noted as a veteran in their medical record, which will carry over to future admits.
  • A star will show on by the patient’s name in the hospital's record system and in the heading of the patient’s information.
  • Upon being admitted, a flag sticker will be placed on the patient’s door tag.
  • Staff are encouraged to say, “Thank you for your service” whenever they are with the patient.


  • Department Heads identify staff members who are veterans, while Human Resources asks all new employees upon hire.
  • All staff who are veterans receive a special blue badge holder with a flag on the surface.
  • The program is explained in staff orientation.
  • Staff members who are veterans and working on Veterans Day receive a free meal.
  • All volunteers and staff physicians receive the same treatment.


  • All current processes related to the death of a patient remain unchanged.
  • Staff caring for a deceased veteran will notify the House Supervisor that a veteran has died.
  • The House Supervisor will notify Security and coordinate the time of transport of the body to the morgue or funeral home.
  • Chaplain, staff nurse or supervisor will obtain the deceased's family’s permission to honor the deceased in a flag tribute.
  • The hospital operator will announce overhead, “Attention please! Honor Red, White, and Blue! Attention please! Honor Red, White and Blue!”
  • Security will take the flag to the room and drape over body.
  • Available staff will line the hallways leading to the exit where the coach is parked.
  • Security will coordinate with available staff (Chaplain, Maintenance, etc.) to properly drape the flag over the body, then escort the body to the exit, where they will stop.
  • The Chaplain will recognize the veteran by name and say a few words.
  • Security and an assistant will properly fold the flag, to be given to the family after the ceremony.
  • The body will then be taken to morgue or funeral home.
For more information, contact St. Tammany Health System Spiritual Care Services at (985) 898-4562 or spiritualcare@stph.org.