In case of Employee accident or injury call WellnessWorks 24/7 Call Center: 1-888-977-3319

WellnessWorks is St. Tammany Health System's occupational health and wellness program designed to work hand-in-hand helping local employers with their many employee health needs.

The program is an effort to help industries streamline communication and provide access to services. St. Tammany Health System is here to serve the community, and that includes helping businesses and industries improve the overall health and wellness of their workforce.

The WellnessWorks concept has aided businesses and industries with controlling costs associated with rising workers’ compensation and general healthcare costs. St. Tammany Health System is proud to have the opportunity to offer this unique program to our community.

The four basic components that make up the WellnessWorks program are as follows:

  • Injury Prevention Services: Provides employers with easy access to healthcare services and information. This includes providing on-site safety talks and health events to scheduling physicals and drug screens.
  • Injury Intervention Services: The Physician Panel offers a cost-effective group of physicians to assists employers’ and establish a return to work strategy and help minimize treatment time and lost work days.
  • Service Coordination: A centralized communication hub within the healthcare system to assist employers with scheduling and tracking cases. The Service Coordination department acts as a liaison between all parties involved with managing employee health needs.
  • Wellness Promotion: Aides employers to educate their workforce regarding general health policies and plans. A variety of services are available such as health events, health education talks and health screenings.

There is no cost associated to enroll in WellnessWorks. A brief enrollment and implementation process is required to ensure that the healthcare providers are informed and aware of the employers’ requirements and protocols for handling healthcare needs.

To speak with our Corporate Health Consultant, please call 985-871-6083.