Joe Bobrowski MD

Dr. Joseph Bobrowski is a board certified internal medicine physician who has been in practice with St. Tammany Health System for the past nine years. He also practiced in New Orleans for seven years before Hurricane Katrina. 

Dr. Bobrowski practices with the St. Tammany Physicians Network in Covington, where he specializes in the prevention and treatment of diseases in adults. Along with the other physicians associated with STHS, he is committed to providing high quality medical care to his patients.

"My focus is on preventing and managing illnesses in adults following current internal medicine guidelines," Bobrowski says. "I am experienced in the long term management of chronic and advanced medical conditions and ailments. I genuinely care about my patients and employ a goal oriented approach to healthcare that highlights patient education and encourages patients to participate in their ongoing care and wellness."

Dr. Bobrowski graduated from the University of Washington in Seattle and the Louisiana State University School of Medicine in New Orleans, where he also completed his residency