Center Resources

Sleep Hygiene Tips
Helpful tips for anyone struggling with their sleep habits or patterns, or anyone looking to maximize the quality of their sleep.

Tips for Traveling with CPAP Machine
Many people are able to travel with their CPAP devices.  Here are some helpful tips to make traveling easier.

Alice NightOne Home Sleep Study
A brief description of the easy set-up for Home Sleep Testing.  Here are some sign and symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea, and IF untreated, possible long term effects of OSA.

Children and Sleep
Is your child getting enough sleep?  Here are some recommended sleep times for children of all ages, signs of inadequate sleep, and what children and teenagers can do to optimize sleep.

Cleaning instructions for CPAP
Here are some helpful tips and suggests for cleaning your CPAP masks, hoses, and devices.

Hospitalization and CPAP
Here are some suggestions for people currently using CPAP and being hospitalized.