New Family Center

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Welcome to the New Family Center at St. Tammany Health System! Whether you are welcoming your first baby or your fifth, we know childbirth is a significant milestone for you, your baby and your loved ones.

Before and after delivery, we offer education and support that will make the most of this special time and help you feel confident and supported when you go home. Each step of the way, we invite you to discuss your individual needs and preferences with our staff.

We are committed to making your birth experience everything you want it to be. 

The St. Tammany Health System New Family Center consists of Labor & Delivery, the Treatment Room (triage area), Maternal Fetal Medicine Clinic, Postpartum and Newborn Nursery.  Here you’ll find the latest technology for diagnosis, fetal heart rate monitoring and documentation, maternal surveillance, and safely delivering and caring for St. Tammany’s newest residents. 

Our technology allows the attending Ob/Gyn to have off-site access to review the progress of the patient and status of the fetus throughout labor.  The center’s top priority is providing quality maternity care that combines technical excellence and knowledge of normal childbearing, while giving special attention to fulfilling parents’ personal preferences for their child’s birth experience.


The St. Tammany Health System New Family Center delivers on the promise of world-class healthcare close to home. Our birthing suites allow you to labor, deliver, recover and spend your postpartum (LDRP) time in one comfortable, homelike setting. If you need a C-section, we have two surgical suites ready for your birthing needs. Every woman’s childbirth is different, so our team is prepared day and night to handle all situations – from overseeing standard deliveries to managing high-risk or even emergency situations.

Our caring team will set your mind at ease with the most advanced training and level of experience. From pregnancy to delivery and into recovery, the New Family Center is happy to be a part of one of the most important events in your life.

Once your baby is born, we encourage “rooming in”  to support and strengthen the bond between you and your baby from the very start.

STHS welcomes the opportunity to care for you and your new baby during this special time. We know you have certain wishes about the care of your baby, and it is our goal to make your stay a memorable one.

The staff at STHS is in touch with your baby’s needs and promotes enhanced bonding between mother and baby at birth as well as throughout your baby’s first days of life.

As members of the Institute of Healthcare Improvement, we support improvement efforts to provide safe, quality and family-centered care. Our nurses use best practices to improve maternal and neonatal outcomes and experiences. 


Another way that we are able to promote an at-home, intimate environment for childbirth is our LDRP concept: Labor, Delivery, Recovery, Postpartum. All 19 of the patient rooms are LDRP rooms, meaning that all of these steps in the birthing process are held in the same room, with the exception of a cesarean section. This is a great comfort for the mother and loved ones. 

The highly skilled, experienced, knowledgeable and caring staff promotes bonding by encouraging skin-to-skin mother/baby contact and rooming-in of newborns with mothers as much as possible. There are four IBCLC certified Lactation Consultants on staff available daily to assist new moms with breastfeeding.

The New Family Center hosts tours the first and third Saturday of every month for prospective new parents, with distribution of registration packets. Parents have multiple education opportunities in preparation for parenthood, including evening courses they may take with other prospective parents and personal preparation at the New Family Center before going home to a new life with their baby.


The St. Tammany Health System Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is a 15-bed, Level III unit that provides care for extreme pre-term babies, those requiring respiratory assistance or newborns who need advanced care upon birth. 

The staff is comprised of two board-certified neonatologists (specialized physicians that provide comprehensive care for critically ill premature and full term infants) and neonatal nurse practitioners on staff to provide continuous care for your new baby.

The STHS NICU allows you to "room in" just prior to discharge so you can feel confident to care for your new baby once home. The "rooming-in" room, which has an open visitation policy for parents and grandparents, is adjacent to the NICU. 

Babies may stay with us for just a few days, several weeks or sometimes even months. The end goal is to get you and your baby healthy and home as soon as possible.