Hospital Medicine

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What is a Hospitalist?

Hospitalists are doctors whose entire attention is focused on caring for hospitalized patients. The STHS Hospitalists are all Board Certified in Internal Medicine or Family Medicine and care for hospitalized patients who have been referred from community primary care doctors, emergency room doctors, or other physicians at the hospital; they do not have separate office hours outside of the hospital. By concentrating and specializing in hospital medicine they are able to devote all of their daily activities to the care of their hospitalized patients – like you.

Why is a Hospitalist caring for me?

Your primary care physician may have requested that a Hospitalist be in charge of your care during your hospital stay. In this way, you have the benefit of being seen by a doctor whose practice is entirely focused on the care of hospitalized patients. Additionally, this enables your primary care doctor to be more available to you in the office, rather than trying to go back and forth between seeing patients in the office and in the hospital.

How does the Hospitalist practice work?

The Hospitalist will be in charge of your care and direct your treatment while in the hospital. The Hospitalist consults with nurses, social workers, case managers and other specialists if needed to monitor, guide, and coordinate all major aspects of your treatment. In case of emergency, your Hospitalist is never very far because they work in the hospital and will see you more than once a day, if needed. At the time of discharge, the Hospitalist will provide prescriptions and arrange for follow up appointments. If you do not have a regular doctor, the STHS Hospitalists and staff can assist you in finding a local doctor for your care after you leave the hospital.

What is the relationship between the Hospitalist and my Primary Care Physician?

The Hospitalist communicates regularly with your primary doctor during your hospital stay and receives valuable information about your past medical history, medications, and special needs. Your doctor will receive important information about your hospital diagnosis and treatment in the form of a discharge summary sent to your doctor soon after you are released from the hospital.

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