Heart to Heart magazine

When St. Tammany Parish Hospital changed its name to St. Tammany Health System in December 2019, the reasoning behind the change was simple: Because we’re much more than a hospital.

We are some 2,300 people strong – the largest employer in Covington and the second-largest in St. Tammany Parish – operating at dozens of sites. But, really, it goes even deeper than that.

As our mission statement says, we are the heartbeat of our community, caring for our patients and their families with excellence, compassion and teamwork.

In that regard, our history – which started in earnest with the founding of the St. Tammany Parish’s first hospital on Dec. 1, 1954 – is very much a part of the shared history of our community at large.

Since 2005, we’ve been chronicling that history in Heart to Heart, our quarterly magazine about all that’s going on at St. Tammany Health System, along with useful information including recipes, parenting tips, feature stories and more.

Although it’s distributed in several local newspapers – including The Times-Picayune | The New Orleans Advocate, The Daily News, The Era Leader and The St. Tammany Farmer – we felt it was important to stake out a place online where our back issues could reside.

You’ll find that archive below, including our most recent issues. We invite you to browse them.

Because the information on those pages doesn’t just represent our history. It’s yours, too.

Happy reading.  


Summer 2020

Winter 2020

Fall 2019

Summer 2019

2020 (Vol. 16)
Summer 2020 - Strong Together: How teamwork, compassion and community is helping STHS endure a pandemic
Winter 2020 - Paradise Found: STH Foundation Gala raises nearly $200,000 for local cancer care

2019 (Vol. 15)
Fall 2019 - Leading in Robotic Surgery: STPH Acquires Third da Vinci robot; Surgeons Perform 5,000th Surgery
Summer 2019 - Courage to Celebrate: Couple’s Wedding at STPH Shares Joy with Bride’s Mother
Spring 2019 - It Takes a Village: Grandparents Gather for Coffee, Conversation at STPH Parenting Center
Winter 2019 - Partnering for Children: Collaboration Elevates Pediatric Care, Improves Access to Specialists

2018 (Vol. 14)
Fall 2018 - Monster Mash Has Something to Celebrate: 30 Years of Halloween Fun — and, for some, Finding Love
Summer 2018 - Groundbreaking Neurosurgery at STPH: Advances Preserve Brain Function
Spring 2018 - Farewell to Patti M. Ellish: STPH Leader Retiring after 18 Years at the Helm of STPH
Winter 2018 - Keeping Families Healthy in the New Year: Grant Funds Healthy Living Initiatives

2017 (Vol. 13)
Fall 2017 - Life-changing Spine Surgery, Close to Home: Student Shelby Stoop is Back in the Running after Corrective Procedure
Summer 2017 - The Lady Has Heart: A Quiet Hero for Families in Need
Spring 2017 - World-class Pediatrics, Close to Home: Expanded Pediatric Services Offer Peace of Mind for Northshore Parents
Winter 2017 - Generations of Heart Care: Ochsner Partnership Provides World-class Care, Even Closer to Home

2016 (Vol. 12)
Fall 2016 - Communication & Coordination: Multidisciplinary Team Approach to Breast Cancer Treatment
Summer 2016 - Guild Supports Hospital with Retail Therapy; Months After Stroke, Mrs. Clark Goes to Europe
Spring 2016 - Back in Action: Minimally Invasive Surgery Brings Relief to Celebrated Outdoorsman Don DuBuc
Winter 2016 - Partnerships Makes Life Easier for Patient Family: Unprecedented Collaboration between STPH, Ochsner

2015 (Vol. 11)
Fall 2015 - Community Partnerships for Healthy Mothers and Children STPH Earns National Grant for Healthy Foods and Families
Summer 2015 - New Lung, New Life: STPH Pulmonary Rehab Helped Patient Prepare for Transplant
Spring 2015 - Heroes for Young Hearts: Living4Burke Screenings a Lifesaver for Young Athletes
Winter 2015 - Road to Relief: Acid Reflux Treatment Available Exclusively at STPH

2014 (Vol. 10)
Fall 2014 - Phase 1 Done: STPH Emergency Department Expansion Marks Major Milestone
Summer 2014 - A Friendly Number: STPH Encourages 5210 Let's Go Program for Healthier Families
Spring 2014 - Getting on Their Feet: Nurse-Family Partnership Helps Set First-Time Mothers Up for Success
Winter 2014 - New Life Amid Harrowing Times: Northshore Mother Faces Pregnancy, Unique Cancer Treatment Close to Home

2013 (Vol. 9)
Fall 2013 - Growing to Meet St. Tammany's Needs: The Hospital’s Largest Expansion in More than a Decade G
Summer 2013 - The New Face of Breast Cancer: “We became members of a club that we never wanted to be in, but to have that bond was a gift.
Spring 2013 - STPH Planned Expansion Clears Milestone - Project Reflects Changing Community Needs
Winter 2013 - A Digital Revolution in Patient Safety: Computerized Physician Order Entry Offers Huge Safety Benefits

2012 (Vol. 8)
Fall 2012 - A Shared Cancer Journey: Mother and Daughter Triumph Over Elevated Breast-Cancer Risk
Summer 2012 - The Risk of Rushing: National Best Practice is to Wait 39 Weeks
Spring 2012 - Special Edition, including STPH Annual Report
Winter 2012 - Empowering Nurses: Shared Governance Helps Nurses Improve Patient Care

2011 (Vol. 7)
Fall 2011 - Caring for Women at Every Stage of Life: Newly opened STPH Women’s Pavilion means excellence at every age
Summer 2011 - The Art of Medicine: STPH Women’s Pavilion Enfolds Patients in Healing Arts
Spring 2011 - Mandeville Mom Knows the Goal: Annual Mammograms Begin at 40
Winter 2011 - Time is Brain for Stroke Patients

2010 (Vol. 6)
Fall 2010 - The Power of Knowlege
Summer 2010 - Caring Hearts, Caring Hands: STPH Physician, Nurses Act Fast for Family in Need

2009 (Vol. 5)
Fall 2009 - A Life in Motion: How STPH helped Hank Miltenberger Return to the Life He Loves
Summer 2009 - Cipppino: A Summertime Stew Celebrates the Sea
Spring 2009 - STPH Reaches Out to Young Readers

2008 (Vol. 4)
Winter 2008 - Timing is Everything: Serendipity, Compassion and Hypothermia Save Local Lawyer
Summer 2008 - Car Accident Survivor Shares Her Recovery Story
Spring 2008 - Recovery faster and easier with da Vinci robotic surgery

2007 (Vol. 3)
Winter 2007 - STPH Parenting Center Introduces Healthy Choices
Fall 2007 - St. Tammany Parish Hospital Outperforms All Others for Quality
Summer 2007 - Local Tea Purveyor Puts His Tea Where His Heart Is
Spring 2007 - A Life of Service: STPH Employees Serve Community and Country