pH Study

Heartburn and GERD

Heartburn occurs when contents from the stomach flow into the esophagus. Usually, there is a sensation of fluid or food coming back into the throat and mouth that tastes bitter or sour. The sensation of burning occurs after eating and can last for an extended period of time. Heartburn can be a symptom of a more serious condition, called GERD (Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease). Damage caused by GERD can lead to serious medical problems such as narrowing of the esophagus, Barrett’s Esophagus or difficulty swallowing.


A miniature pH capsule, approximately the size of a gel cap, is attached to the esophagus. The capsule measures the pH levels in the esophagus and transmits this information to a receiver worn just like a cellular phone. A diary will be provided to write down eating and sleeping times. The “black box buttons” are pushed during those times symptoms are experienced. After the test is completed, return the receiver and the diary so that information may be uploaded to a computer for review by the physician.

Other Facts:

Monitoring Time Frame?
24 to 48 hours depending on physician request.

What happens to the capsule after the test?
The capsule is naturally eliminated from the body.

Can I have an MRI?
Patients are restricted from an MRI for 30 days.