Critical Care

Intensive Care and Critical Care Units
1202 S. Tyler Street
Covington LA 70433
24 hours, 7 days

St. Tammany Health System Intensive Care and Critical Care Units strive to keep the patient’s best interests in mind, which is why we are dedicated to ensuring patient rest and privacy during your stay with us in the ICU or CCU.

Our staff realizes that being in intensive care is stressful for patients and their families and will listen to concerns and answer questions as best as we can. One way we are able to do so is by having a volunteer available in the ICU/CCU waiting room from 8 am to 4 pm. Before entering the ICU/CCU, you can check in with the volunteer.

If you arrive at a time when the volunteer is not present, you can use the ICU waiting room telephone to call the nurses’ station at ext. 4546 for ICU and 4548 for the CCU to request entry to your loved one’s room. In addition to the waiting area, we also provide our visitors with a Family Dining Lounge, located down the hall from the main waiting room. The lounge provides a space where families can eat comfortably, as well as obtain drinks or snacks from the vending machines.

Visitor Guidelines

As part of our commitment to keep the patient’s best interests in mind, we have identified the importance of having loved ones present throughout the patient's stay; therefore, we have established open visiting hours. We ask that the following guidelines be observed in order to allow this to continue:

  • Two visitors per room, please, from 8am-10pm
  • One visitor per room, please, from 10pm-8am
  • Children under 12 years old may not visit patients in the ICU/CCU.
  • Patients may ask that visitors be limited or prohibited at any time as needed. 
  • Visitors are limited to family members and significant others. A family member or significant other must accompany all other visitors.
  • Visitors are encouraged to go home as needed to rest and attend to personal matters. 
  • Every attempt is made to notify visitors of any change in a patient’s condition.
  • You may be asked to leave the ICU/CCU to allow for patient rest, care or procedures. A staff member will let you know when you may return to the unit.

In addition to our open visiting hours, we have established additional policies to ensure that patients’ loved ones are updated on their condition. Upon admission to the ICU or CCU, patients have the option to designate a representative to receive the updates.

A personal identification number (PIN) will be established, and a copy of this PIN will be given to the representative. This patient spokesperson will be able to call the patient’s nurse and, upon providing the PIN and their name, retrieve information on the patient’s condition, which may then be passed on to other family members. Nurse Report Times are between 6:30-8am and 6:30-8pm. We kindly ask that families avoid calling during these times.

While away from STHS, you can reach the ICU or CCU by dialing:

  • (985) 898-4173 for the waiting room


  • (985) 898-4546 for the ICU


  • (985) 898-4547 for the CCU

The ICU/CCU is located on the fourth floor of the hospital. Using the elevators in the main lobby, once you reach the fourth floor, proceed right to enter the waiting area.