How may I apply for a position if I do not have access to a computer and/or Internet service?
Computers are available to applicants in Human Resources from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. Only electronic applications with complete and accurate information will be considered. 

Why will the application not open after clicking on " Click Here to Apply Online" and/or "Employees - Click Here to Apply"? 
Check your computer's settings to enable the pop-up blocker. To do this:  Locate/click the Tools tab at the top of your browser; select Internet Options, click on Privacy tab, change settings to allow for the pop-up window to appear. Once application is completed, you  may reset your settings to disable pop-up windows.

How do I know if my online application was received?
Once you have completed your application and select the submit button, you will get an acknowledgement message thanking you for applying. If you see this message, your application was received.

What is the salary of a position?
If you are interviewed for a position, the Department Manager over that position will discuss the salary with you at that time. All salaries are based upon experience; therefore, it is important to list all pertainent work experience on your employment application.

Do I have to complete a separate application for each job for wihich I wish to apply?
No. The same application may be used to apply for multiple jobs. You must remember your Username and Password to accomplish this. Therefore, we recommend you record this information and keep for future use.

How may I submit an application for a position that is not currently posted in Job Listings?
We only accept applications for positions for which we are actively hiring. You may register for our Job Agent located in the grey box at the bottom of the Job Listings page. This service allows you to select positions that are not currently posted but that you are interested in for future employment needs. The system will send you an automatic e-mail notification when the position(s) is posted and applications are being accepted. 

May I submit a resume?
Individual resumes are not accepted for positions but may be attached to the electronic application via your personal computer. (NOTE: The computers provided in the Human Resources Department do not have the ability to allow the uploading of information.)
What action is needed if I see the pop-up message: "Incomplete Working Shift" after attempting to submit my application?
Scroll back up to the top of the application to the area concerning your shift availability. Each section under "Would you consider working:" must have a "Yes" or "No" bubble filled in for each of the questions.

Why did I get an "Invaild Social Security Number" message?
You must include the dashes when entering your Social Security Number. Example: XXX-XX-XXXX.

Will I be notified on the status of my application?
Because of the high volume of applications received, we are unable to contact each applicant.

Is it necessary to complete the Survey after submitting an online application?
Yes. The survey requires 15-20 minutes to complete. No candidate will be interviewed without completing the survey. (NOTE: If your internet connection is via a land line, you may experience difficulty completing this survey.)

Where may I find additional information on various Healthcare Careers?
You may visit CareersThatHeal.com , Occupational Outlook Handbook  or Google - "Louisiana Health Careers Directory" or contact  local colleges, universities and professional organizations.