Healing Arts

The Healing Arts Initiative is a program of the St. Tammany Hospital Foundation to promote art as a core component of healthcare and the healing process in the hospital and its outpatient facilities.

A healing arts culture can lighten the burden of illness carried by patients and their families and speed recovery.

The St. Tammany Hospital Foundation Healing Arts Initiative, launched in 2004 out of an employee campaign, has funded programs including the player piano in the hospital’s lobby, aquariums in both the Pediatric Unit and the Cordes Outpatient Pavilion, Healing Ceiling tiles in MRI and CT rooms as well as a meditation garden at the Women's Pavilion of St. Tammany Health System

The St. Tammany Hospital Foundation’s decade-old program promotes the link between art and healing through projects such as artwork and special lighting in patient rooms, water elements and creative use of space such as the meditation garden at the Women’s Pavilion of St. Tammany Health System.

Music plays a vital role in the healing arts, with concerts in the lobby on the employee-campaign’s player piano, occasional visiting musicians and singers including a local harpist and choir, and the playing of Brahms’ Lullaby on the occasion of each new birth at STHS.

The foundation encourages Northshore artists and other members of the community to join its Healing Arts committee as it looks for ways to expand the initiative to include music, performance, poetry and storytelling.

For more information on the St. Tammany Hospital Foundation Healing Arts Initiative, call 985-898-4171 or email nsuhre@stph.org.

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