Nuclear Medicine

The Nuclear Medicine department of St. Tammany Parish Hospital is accredited by the American College of Radiolgy (ACR) and all of our technologist are licensed by the state of Louisiana. The department is equipped with two dual-head cameras for more efficient patient flow. We have PACs connectivity for referring physicians. Our technologist use safe radioactive tracers to provide images of the different organs and treatment of Thyroid disease. The procedures often identify disease in early stages even before they are apparent on conventional imaging, such as CT and MRI. The amount of radiation found in the average nuclear medicine procedure is comparable to a diagnostic x-ray.
The department hours are Monday through Friday 7 am — 4:30 pm. After hours we have an on call technologist to perform exams for inpatient and emergency department patients.

If you have any questions about Nuclear Medicine exams you may call 985-898-4198.