Our Commitment to You

We promise to serve our community as a not-for-profit hospital by providing integrated health care services to the individuals and community of western St. Tammany Parish and surrounding areas. These services include education and prevention, a full range of diagnostic services and both inpatient and outpatient care.

We commit to:

  • Value each patient, family member, physician, employee and volunteer as a customer.
  • Provide compassionate care to people in their various life stages with dignity, privacy and respect for patient and family.
  • Evaluate the quality of our work with a commitment to continuously improve our delivery of safe, cost-effective care.
  • Recognize the critical role of the medical staff in meeting the mission, vision and goals of the hospital.
  • Provide an environment of teamwork, collaboration, trust and support among our
  • Provide adequate fiscally responsible technology, delivery systems, preventative care and community education.
  • Serve as a leader in key health issues that impact the well-being of our customers in the community.