Linda Keefer MD PhD

Dr. Linda Keefer has a background in science and academic research, but has been practicing medicine in St. Tammany Parish for nearly 17 years.  

She is board certified in pediatrics and internal medicine, caring for people of all ages. Being able to see sometimes multiple generations of the same family is one of the most rewarding aspects of her practice, she says, as is getting to know and assist those who are perhaps more remote from their relatives.

She has been in the St Tammany Physician’s Network's Mandeville office since it opened in 1999. 

One of her interests is in helping patients understand their health issues and the choices they face in this ever-changing society. Parents face choices daily not only for their own health but for their children or elderly parents.

"Trying to prevent health problems is important, but so is having to cope with health issues when they arise," Dr. Keefer says. "Understanding the various specialized approaches one may encounter in medicine is often challenging. One of our roles is to help educate patients about those areas, equip them to make the best decision they can for themselves and see them through the process."

Dr. Keefer graduated from Loyola University in New Orleans with a bachelor's degree in chemistry and received her PhD in biological chemistry from Washington University in St Louis. After two research fellowships, she held faculty positions at the University of Louisville and Louisiana State University Medical Center in New Orleans. She later graduated from the LSU School of Medicine and completed her residency in combined internal medicine and pediatrics at LSU before locating her practice to the Northshore.  

She is an avid Saints fan!