Birth Certificates

How to Complete a Birth Certificate Pre-Registration Form

At 32 weeks gestation, you can complete a birth certificate packet and submit it prior to your child's birth. Click the "Download Packet" button below. 

 Download Packet

If you are a MyChart user, you also have the option to complete the birth certificate packet electronically using the link below

 MyChart User Packet

How to Obtain a Certified Copy of a Louisiana Birth Certificate

You can obtain information regarding a certified copy of a birth certificate from the State Registrar and Vital Records page of the Department of Health & Hospitals website. Then, click on BIRTH RECORDS.

How to Obtain a Birth Verification or Proof of Birth Letter for Birth's at St Tammany Health System

You will receive a complimentary Birth Verification letter upon completing your baby's birth certificate. A Birth Verification contains the baby's name, date and time of birth, place of birth and parent's names. It is important that you keep this document for verification of birth until you receive the certified copy of your baby's birth certificate from Louisiana Office of Vital Records. To request an additional Birth Verification letter from St Tammany Health System, contact the Birth Certificate Office at (985) 898-3712.

Information Regarding Your Child's Social Security Number

It typically takes two to four months to receive your child's social security number. If you need a social security number sooner, you may apply in person at any of the Social Security Administration's offices. You may also call the nationwide number at 800-772-1213 for additional information or visit the Social Security Number and Card page on the Social Security Administration's website.

Birth Registration & Louisiana Paternity Laws

Louisiana laws govern the last name you are allowed to give your newborn child and the recording of the newborn child's father on the birth certificate. The laws differ depending upon whether the mother was married at the time of conception and birth.


Questions Regarding Your Child's Birth Certificate

How long does it take to receive the birth certificate?

You will receive a complimentary copy of your baby's birth certificate from the Louisiana vital Records Registry. It can take from three to six months to receive this copy.

What do I do if there is a problem with the birth certificate?

If you need to make a correction on the birth certificate (i.e. incorrect date or time of birth, misspelled name, etc.), contact the STHS Birth Certificate office (985) 898-3712, where your baby was born. Depending on the circumstances, the hospital may be able to issue a correction letter which you can submit to Vital Records to correct the birth certificate

If you would like to make a change to the birth certificate (i.e. adding the father's name, changing the baby's name), contact Louisiana Vital Records at 504-219-4500. There may be a fee to make these changes. For more information, please visit the State Registrar and Vital Records page of the Department of Health & Hospitals website. Then, click on BIRTH RECORDS.